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Version 1.2 (07.03.2010)

  • Removed bug that could result in a system crash after stopping TAP
  • Removed Date bug

Version 1.2rc (01.03.2010)

  • Added caller list and phonebook windows
  • Added more settings to ini file
    • Areacode - This will enable local area numbers to be found in the phonebook
    • MSN - This sets on what numbers the Callmonitor will react
    • Font color
    • FritzBoxLineNumbering  - The way the lines are numbered
  • Added photos and category to phonebook
  • Workaround for a Fritz Box that only sends RING followed by DISCONNECT.

Version 1.1 (18.01.2010)

  • Improved parsing of ini and addressbook files
  • Added more settings to ini file
  • Added separate delays for the different connection messages

Version 1.0.1 (17.01.2010)

  • Increased startup delay for connection to Fritz Box

Version 1.0 16.01.2010

  • First Release


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